“I believe that art should not be reserved for the privileged, but rather be offered with kindness and abundance to all beings, because it is a reflection of our common humanity and a source of fulfillment for everyone.”

The artist

Alessio Cacciatore, a passionate French artist who has sold more than 800 paintings around the world. My love for art was instilled from a very young age thanks to my parents, themselves from an artistic background. It gave me the chance to develop my skills and form a unique artistic identity.

As an artist, I attach particular importance to my clients and I wish to maintain a very human approach with them. This is why I offer them privileged treatment as well as exclusive advantages such as invitation to my partner galleries, exclusive advice from my decorator team as well as access to my e-book. I want to ensure that each of my clients feels valued and supported in their artistic journey.


I am convinced that art should be accessible to everyone. That's why I strive to offer high-quality paintings, made in Germany, at reasonable prices. For me, art is priceless and it is essential that everyone has the opportunity to discover and acquire a work that speaks to them.

My reputation as an artist was strengthened through collaborations with leaders in the field of interior design, who highlighted my work. It gave me the chance to explore new horizons and share my artistic vision with a wider audience.

The environment

Finally, the Alessio Cacciatore team is very involved in environmental protection and we strive to minimize the impact of our work on our planet. We use sustainable materials and are very attentive to our energy consumption. I am convinced that art should be in harmony with nature, and that is why I am committed to doing my part to preserve our planet. I invite you to consult the our commitments page to find out more about our approach.

This is who I am as an artist, passionate and committed to making art accessible to all while being concerned about the environment. My goal is to continue to share my passion with the world and inspire others to discover their own creativity.