The issue of sustainability, including the conservation of energy and the resources essential to it, is of considerable importance to us. Indeed, a growing number of customers are asking about the viability of our commercial practices, which is why we want to explain our policies to you in the most transparent way possible.

We are proud to proclaim that an environmentally friendly approach has been at the heart of our business philosophy for many years. Our sustainable solutions are also constantly evolving, and we therefore invite you to consult this page regularly to stay informed of our progress.

Cleanliness of the oceans, purity of the environment

We recycle plastic waste recovered from the oceans and use it in the production of our Premium paintings! We have recovered over a million kilograms to date.

Recycled plastic and no plastic

Our packaging is increasingly made from recycled materials, while we ultimately aim to exclusively use 100% recycled plastic containers, or even plastic-free alternatives.

Climate protection

Forests provide a natural protection for the environment, absorbing the greenhouse gas CO2 and preventing its release into the atmosphere. We extend this effect by incorporating wood into sustainable products, such as our authentic wooden frames for all of our canvas prints.

FSC certified wood

Over 97% of the spruce wood used for our traditional canvas frames comes from our European sources certified by the Forest Support Council (FSC).

Green energy

We regularly upgrade our machines and lighting systems to reduce our energy consumption. We also equip our production sites with solar panels and hybrid vehicles for our company fleet.

Slow Design

Our product development team is driven by the principle of Slow Design, seeking to produce superior quality items that last over time, to the delight of our customers.

Production to order

Our demand-driven business model avoids unnecessary mass production, with your products only being produced upon receipt of your order. This process reduces the clutter in our warehouses and eliminates excess stock.

Sustainable materials

We use sustainable spruce wood from FSC-approved sources, as well as plastic recovered from the oceans. By purchasing a print, you have the assurance of contributing to the protection of the environment, while benefiting from remarkable quality at an attractive price.

Canvas print

Our method of printing on canvas is sustainable, using spruce wood from sustainable forests, solvent-free inks, and, if you opt for a Premium frame for your print, a recycled plastic frame with hollow joints.