Why have sculptures in your decoration?

Pourquoi avoir des sculptures dans votre décoration ?

Sculptures are part of the world of three-dimensional art, it is a style that highlights shapes. Sculptures are fully differentiated from painting, drawing, art paintings... which are part of two-dimensional art.

Sculptures allow you to admire a work from different perspectives. There are different types of sculptures: engraving, mounting, casting…
Appreciating a work from all its angles brings a new way of appreciating. This art is as old as two-dimensional art. This often had an aesthetic but also a political dimension.

These works are present in the space. Sculptures represent another way to express one's emotions and beliefs. This art has been around for years. Sculptures can be displayed to see all angles of the work or in such a way as to expose only one angle. In this case, the work is often displayed on or against a wall.

Sculptures can represent recognizable people or objects from everyday life, but they can also be more abstract. It is possible to use different materials (wood, metal, chocolate, sand, resin, etc.). Sculptures are present throughout the world and vary depending on culture, traditions, beliefs, places, what the city wants to represent...

How can sculptures add value to your interior design?

Sculptures provide a certain tranquility in your home. Contemporary sculptures are trendy, they can be exhibited indoors and outdoors. Using the empty spaces in your home to place a sculpture allows your spaces to shine.
You can find unique and original sculptures for your interior decoration. Sculptures bring positive vibes to your home.

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