Who is the artist Banksy?

Qui est l'artiste Banksy ?

Banksy is one of the most mysterious artists in the world, no one knows his identity. Since his first works, he has decided to remain anonymous and to exhibit his art to the public. He began creating graffiti as a teenager near Bristol in the 1990s.

The city of Bristol has put measures in place to keep this graffiti intact. He creates street art and creates works on the walls of the city. In the 2000s, he had his first exhibition in Los Angeles. It highlights and denounces the societal and political issues of our society. The majority of his works are paintings made using stencils.
This allows him to be quick and not get arrested for vandalism. Today his works are world famous and Banksy has become a household name.

Present all over the world, many people are intrigued and have tried to unmask Banksy. Hundreds of theories about his identity have been developed: Banksy is a group of several artists, a famous singer, an English designer... But these are only hypotheses, Banksy manages to keep his anonymity.

His works are emblematic. They are sold at auction, the highest price is estimated between 10 and 15 million euros. Her best-known work is “The Little Girl with a Balloon”, it is a little girl in a black dress who reaches out to a heart-shaped balloon. The work sold for 500,000 pounds sterling.

Furthermore, Banksy does not hoard all the sums he earns. One of its biggest expenses: donations for different associations. He defends the causes that are close to his heart. The money from certain works is directly redistributed to associations: to fight against the arms trade, for a human rights organization, to help the homeless in Bristol, etc.