What is street art

Qu'est ce que l’art de rue

Street art , or urban art, is becoming increasingly popular and accepted around the world. It has become part of the customs of many countries and it can take different forms. It is a tool used to communicate , highlight societal issues and express political concerns. However, street art remains considered a nuisance for many.

Street art encompasses all art found in or inspired by the urban environment. It tends to be a democratic form of popular public art. It is better understood on the site itself than in the photo.

It is seen as a way to make the city more beautiful, to change and appropriate spaces. Spray-painted subway trains, graffitied bridges, walls covered with frescoes…
Street art is establishing itself visibly in the heart of our cities. It affirms an identity , an art, an emancipation , political ideas…
It is an unlimited means of artistic expression.

Street art, however, raises a problem: is it art or vandalism? Street art is often considered anti-art/anti-market because it cannot be consumed, indeed, it is not possible to own it. Street art has increasingly been associated with rebellion and deliberate provocation, and has come to be associated with the label of vandalism. Many street artists remain anonymous because they want to avoid sanctions.

The debate between degradation and beautification continues today. Whether considered vandalism or public art, street art has attracted worldwide interest.