Why is art important?

Pourquoi l'art est important ?

The importance of art

Art is a means of expressing our thoughts, our emotions, our desires... It allows us to understand what cannot systematically be said verbally.
Words alone are not always enough, art is then an effective means of expression. Indeed, art is not just about observing beauty, it is a way of telling a story by touching the emotions of the audience.
Everyone has their own way of interpreting art, whether it is music, painting, sculptures...

Art has a strong impact on our lives, it helps preserve positivity and hope. The greatest masterpieces in the world represent beauty with happy people, spring landscapes…
It is a strong symbol of hope that has an obvious impact on our emotions. Art develops motivation and energy. It also has an impact on mental health, it can make you feel less alone.

Indeed, it can reassure about the normality of pain: there is so much music that expresses sadness, somber works... This gives the sensation of belonging to the human condition, of sharing the same feelings and then of feeling less alone. In addition, art allows us to compensate for what is lacking in us: it allows us to be more balanced and healthier.
It helps us appreciate things. The media gives us and influences us on what is important by highlighting a multitude of different subjects.

Art restores all of this to its rightful place, highlighting what is truly worth appreciating. Art is also a strong form of propaganda for subjects, sometimes sensitive, that really matter. It encourages people to fight and support important causes. It is an influential form of communication.

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